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“It's...It's...It's... a Perfect Fit!!! Not sure which of the reads I'm going to use, but they're both awesome!
Russ you are definitely the most versatile and best voice over talent I have ever worked with! It's really an honor to work with you...
You just know exactly what to do and deliver awesome stuff! Thanks a million!”
-Tim van Weldam, T-riffic NL

“I say think Dennis Haysbert from Allstate...all I can say is Great Read!!!”
-Richard Spires, GM WXCV/WXOF

“Are you strapped to your ProTools rig All Day? You did that in 9 minutes Flat from sent to return! Wow! Thanks RJ!!!”
-LENA MORGAN, Idiom Talent Agency

“Russ, thanks so much for great reads, quick turnaround, and professionalism. From large automotive clients to small businesses, you really get it.
Your commercials stand high and proud!”
BOB SPENCER, West Virginia-Virginia Media 8-13-2010

Russ, You were The best voice over talent choice for our spokesperson for Aqua. The read was perfect  and instantly approved.  Thank you."
- STEVE MASSARO, Mediagistic  (voice over talent review 8-3-2010

You are one of our best and fastest professional talents, I never have to even think about delivery or quality of work. Even with those "hot" reads we need instantly. "
- BROOKE LOWERY, Dynamedia Of America 3-4-2010

Russ, You the Man! Thanks as always for the quick and spotless delivery! "
- PETE DELLARIA Associate Producer ESPN Event Productions  (voice over talent review 1-4-2010)

Russ, thanks again for another perfect performance. Your quick turnaround and your uncanny ability to capture the exact voice we are looking for is amazing.
I wish everyone voice over talent I worked with was as consistent and reliable."
- Paul Harris, SAXOTECH

"As producer of a Dutch multimedia company for corporate films, hereby a big THANK YOU! You proved that an ocean between us doesn't matter. A job well done."
- Hans Ruinemans, Business Tales BV (voice over talent review )

Thanks Russ! I truly appreciate you ALWAYS being available for VO's. You are such a Professional and I really Enjoy working with a voice over pro like you!"
- Chris Malone, APD/MD Morning Show Host WKTK

"Fast? How about warp speed? Not same day turnaround, how about same Hour turnaround! We love Russ, our clients do too! Want a Voice over from the bottom? Call Russ. - Dave Goldberg, Digital Waterworx Productions (voice over talent review )

"Perfect!" - Claude Mitchell - ESPN

"Folks Just Keep Buying Spots And Creating Contests On WSKY...The reason MUST Be The OUTSTANDING Station Voice Over Pro Who Brings Their Products To LIFE In Our Listener's Ears!" - TJ Hart, Program Director, News Talk WSKY (voice over talent review )

" the speed you deliver you might want to change your name to Russ Rush!!"
- Tim Fowler, Sound Asylum

"There now! You see.....that's why you're simply the best professional voice over talent in the whole wide world! Thank you thank you thank you! Perfect!"
- Dennis McGuire, Producer Bright House Network (voice over talent review )

"We've had such a great response to our image make-over that if we lost you I would have to stab someone in the eyes with an ice-pick. We LOVE Russ !!!
-Steve Stone, PD The Fox

"Your liners really help give us that Major Market Sound with your professional  attitude and delivery!" - Craig Anderson GM/PD KWEL (voice over talent review )

"Great read Russ, the client was very happy!" - Ed Kappeler, Brighthouse Advertising

"The Read? The Voice? Stellar & Stellar!! Thanks For the FAST turnaround!" - Dan Gustafson JSA Advertising (voice over talent review )

"The kind of commanding power a programmer dreams of for an image voice! Russ' pipes fuel our imaging, and blows the competition out of the hemisphere!"
- Michelle Chick, Ops. Mgr. New Northwest Broadcasting

"Anyone ever tell you you're Too Good at your Job? " Let me start by saying I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in for us. You are a perfect fit on the Bone. You've always had the right delivery, inflections that we had envisioned. Never in my career have I worked with someone so talented and so quick to respond!!"
- Sean O'Rourke, PD WBON/WDRE" (voice over talent review )

"Sounds great, think what you'll sound like after puberty! Just kidding...terrific stuff, as usual." - Dan Spice, VP Lund Consultants, Inc.

"Wanted to thank you and Russ for your efforts...sounds excellent, and should really help us project a professional image...thanks Russ!!"
- Dave to e-lynne, Big Fish Advertising .Artotems Co. (voice over talent review )

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